Ayahuasca - Your way with royal plant medicine

Get to know mother ayahuasca or deepen the relationship with her

Dr Himmelbauer

Several times a year we organize Dr. Himmelbauer in Austria - an extraordinary shaman and psychoanalyst from the Peruvian jungle - look at our events!

Together with your heart people

We recommend taking 1, 2 or more best friends with you on the trip, so you cultivate your environment awareness and you easily lift each other up. How many gifts are you willing to receive?

Most who sponsor our retreats also participate in Quantum Learning 1 & 2 and the 10 Day Transformation as preparation and expansion. The three belong together like a wonderful family. Feel free to take a look at our appointments or ask us if nothing is advertised at the moment or you have a desired date for you and your loved ones.

We look forward to Y O U!

From our hearts and with God's blessings,

Amo & Avalon & the whole Rishi Family


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