Dreaming Roses

Memory Card Set

Selected rose glimpses of becoming and passing - as alive as life itself. A sensual memory training. Also a chellange for memory professionals


Krystic Energy System®

Zoom energy session for you

A high vibrating, divine energynutrition that can bring you into your highest timeline and release your karma.

Uplifting your energies with Avalon

Zoom uplifting live for you

Would you like to increase your frequency individually and easily? Just come with your wish, challenge or question. Whether physical, emotional, spiritual, spiritual - everything is welcome and changeable.

Scent medicine for you

Zoom Live Session & Rollon & Magicwords

You don't just want to buy oils but want to be seen and receive your unique blend? Your individual scent "medicine" that is created especially for you and your situation? That's possible - get in touch with Amo!

Fragrance Magic

Rishi preciousness for your face

Rose water, coconut oil and the purest essences in an apothecary glass with a pump

Skin pleasure at its finest. Frequency increase and pure luxury for your face and your beloved body.

Blessed Sleep


I shine in the Quietude of my own presence. An Invitation for feeling deeply relaxed, letting go and rejuvenate :-)

You are a gift of the divine


You are a gift from God - be as divine as you are. You are a unique treasure!

especially 4 you

Scent medicine for you

Rollon or dropper bottles

Let yourself be surprised what Amo is mixing especially for you :-)

Krystic Energy*merry my heart


Generosity is my mine. If you feel like you haven't got enough, I'll remind you ...


Adonis with clear heart


I am who I am - divine! My gift to you is steadfastness. I proclaim: let us touch heaven and know our own creativity. Let's find our own answers ...

Your happy breasts


Do a lap around your breast buds and a lap around - for men and women: show your breasts that you are their bosom friend.

Creatrix - I am eternal


Let the divine order fill and guide your life! As a huge tree that reaches high into the sky, I tell you: ...

Fine Arts

Loveangel and Humanchild

Podcast and book - co-creation in progress

Adventures from the humanchild. Whom it all meets on his life's journey, what that feels like and more. Poetry and painting by Amo, Nizar, Richard. Texts and pictures to get a taste of ...