Loveangel and Humanchild

Podcast and book - co-creation in progress

„This is totally uncool! And all because I can't remember. Do you even know how such a birth goes on earth and where you have to go through there everywhere? You really have no idea,“ kept pestering it. „All right,“ said the love angel. „I love you too. You decided to land and here you are now. Well, I'll give you a hot tip: you just need to see yourself and feel who you really are.“

"There is always exactly what you want from your heart and what really makes you happy."  It stops.  "That is so essential!  Do I even dare to look at it right now?  Jaaaaaa I dare.  Wow Angel of Love, that's soooo cool THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ”“ Wait a minute, ”says the Angel of Love,“ The door to happiness opens inside.  I will give you the key.  You can put it in the lock and turn it around yourself. ”And he pulls a huge golden key out of his white robe.  The human child is only now becoming aware of this: The angel of love is dressed completely in white.  "Wow, you are fully elegant," he admires.  The angel of love feels flattered: "If I were a cat, I would be purring now."  The human child gets moist eyes and is deeply touched.  It is tremmbeling when it is putting the key in the lock.  A sweaty snout sniffs out of the suitcase.  The human child is instantly completely in love.  Tears of joy roll down his cheeks.  The kitten happily jumps out of the suitcase directly onto the human child's lap.  It is white through and through, only on the neck it has three gray-tipped points.  "A koi kitten," Juchatzt the human child enthusiastically and caress the kitten full of devotion.

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