Dreaming Roses

Memory Card Set

Dreaming roses
Memory card set

How this set was born

For 3 weeks Sabine devotedly photographed 3 roses in 3000 pictures.

Amo dreamed of wonderful pictures for a sensual memory game.

As soon as Amo and Sabine found each other, these 33 cards were created in this noble box :-)


You will love your set for that

*to get to know

* as memory training

* for more exchange in groups

* out of pure joy in telling and real togetherness

* tell us what else :-)

Naturally, the poetry of blooming and drying roses connects you with growth and transience, death and birth.

The pictures invite you to remember, to tell stories - to be alive and to show you naturally ...

Memo creative - this is how you can play it

Let yourself be "attracted" by a rose, then take a look around the wonderful people you can learn most from today and ask them to tell the story of the rose. You will find out how beneficial it can be to receive feedback and to engage with others. It just happens.


As soon as you reveal two identical cards, you can tell the story of this rose. Only then does the duo come to you. It's easy if you just look at the rose and start with “I am…”. Then let the rose speak out of you. As if by yourself you learn to immerse yourself in others and reveal yourself.

Even for very experienced memory professionals, these 32 rose pictures, some of which differ only minimally, are a welcome challenge.

For each picture there is a text by Amo and a text by Sabine.
Here the one for the rose in the picture on the top left on the lid on the right

The young - the prickly
That asks questions that I can't answer.
Answers that surprise me.
So that I dare to be amazed.

My senses awaken
one after the other
I carefully put out my feelers
and experience the world
overwhelmed by the first sensations
I'll take a little more time

The texts are currently not included in the game.

Attention: this only square box on the market that we could find only holds the cards in two joints, there are not four next to each other - just pay attention when finishing!

shipping only within Europe - or ask privately

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