10 days transformation

Inspire each other and transform each other - thank you, life!

Be nourished - loving, full of love

“I felt nourished from the very first moment. This is something very special for me. Thank you for letting me discover that. I now transform at least twice a year. I just feel more alive. "

“When I first got there, it felt like food that was closest to light food. I also drink the shakes between the transformations. You are part of my life now. I don't know exactly how to describe it: it does something to me on the first day. My whole digestion has changed. As if brought into balance. I feel lighter and freer every time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, really. That is such a quality of life that I would not want to miss anymore. "

Have you ever thought about ...

➢ How satisfied are you with your eating habits?

➢ What percentage of your food is actually sun-ripened?

➢ What percentage of your food is so natural that it still contains all the enzymes?

➢ How many different types of fruit and vegetables do you eat on average per day?

➢ Where is your food produced?

➢ How are they made?

➢ What do they come into contact with? Genetic engineering, fertilizers, pesticides, mass production,

long transport routes, other disruptive circumstances ...?

➢ What about: flavors, sugar, wrong fats, release agents, stabilizers, E-substances ... how many

Are additives hiding in your food?

➢ Have you ever realigned your metabolism?

➢ Would you like to optimize your life?

The 10 day transformation stands for:

➢ Alive and fresh/raw food

➢ Sustainability and suporting New Earth

➢ Health through nutrition

➢ Exploit full potential in everyday life

➢ Feel and radiate vitality and vitality

➢ Reduce or omit artificial food

➢ Less fillers, more essence including all enzymes in your everyday life

➢ Sun ripened fruits and vegetables

The transformation is not a diet or a cure! Many say they weren't even hungry.

The 10 day transformation - that's 10 days vacation from denatured food. 

You eat a small amount of extremely vital substance-dense food seven times a day, i.e. every two hours. Including cereal grasses, algae, germs, deeply pigmented fruits and pure crystalline amino acids.

So you can prepare yourself optimally - ask yourself, choose and set your intention!

✔ What do you want to transform in your life?

Weight, coffee, smoking, addictions (sugar addiction), no longer useful habits and behavior patterns,

... in these 10 days you can transform a lot more than just your eating habits.

Because you are what you eat!

Take conscious time for yourself to think about and feel what you want to transform in your life.

✔ When do you want to start the transformation?

Set an appointment in your calendar so that your inner consciousness can tune in even better.

A good day to start is Thursday, so you make the most of the free days of the weekend at the beginning of the transformation and at the end of the transformation.

Which day is the best for you to start or do you want to end on a certain day? If you are familiar with astrology or the lunar calendar, please use them to coordinate your transformation.

✔ In principle, you can do the transformation at any time, even during your working hours.

Your food is easy to take with you and easy to prepare. You will always have enough energy and strength.

✔ Order your transformation package in good time.

In Austria, delivery usually takes place within 2 working days.

✔ If you want to get even more out of the transformation, order a Gut Harmony to remove additional toxins such as glyphosate from your body.

✔ Take photos of yourself (full body and face)

BEFORE and AFTER the transformation. These photos serve you yourself to see and understand your transformation, your progress and successes even more clearly and distinctly. And maybe you would like to share your success story with your friends or family later on?

✔ For weight loss: measure yourself. Stomach, hips, thighs and note your weight. It is possible that you will lose 5 kg of fat tissue and gain 2 kg of muscle mass. You should also take that into account.

✔  Wie wirst Du Deinen Shake anrühren? 

Wenn Du noch nichts hast, so kannst Du mit Deinem Tranformationspaket einen Shaker dazubestellen: 
Wir verwenden gerne die Luxusvariante

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