Creatrix - I am eternal


An exquisite blend of 15 high-vibration oils in a golden glass bottle.

Let the divine order fill and guide your life! 

As a huge tree that reaches high into the sky, I tell you: touch the sky and experience your divinity.

 Find your own answers and don't parrot other people's stories. 

It is time for you to immerse yourself in the flow of the world and accept all forms of abundance that are there for you.

With me you will remember the eternal wonders of life. 

As a forest, from above I look like a sea of ​​stars. 

I awaken your flexibility in times of change.
Follow the divine order in your life - this is how you heal your feelings and rediscover perception. 

In this mix you can find me as your delicious protector. 

I bring you security in the midst of complete change. 

Guide you lovingly on your lustful paths of delicious discoveries. 

Are you ready for new opportunities now and here? 

By inhaling and exhaling deeply, you are nourishing yourself.
Even in my darkness there are treasures ready for you. Your hug brings them to light. 

You are a blessing - I unleash your intention to be easy.
My gift to you is laughter.

Laugh with me and you will experience basic goodness in everything.

Fragrance creation that brings out the essence of the Golden Elixir Retreats.


If Amo does not give you any additional application as instructions, use this here. You can also trust your intuition and find your own shapes. Feel free to share your experiences with us - together we grow very easily!

Use your body intelligence
Put a drop of fine essential oil on your belly button - your body intelligence directs the information into exactly the right areas, where it is now helpful for you.

Dress yourself aromatically
Put fine body oil - e.g. fractionated coconut oil, almond oil - in the palm of your hand and drizzle in a few drops of essential oil. Rub both hands together and stroke your dear body with your two aromatic oil hands. Enjoy what you are doing, your feeling and the effect that unfolds afterwards. For me it feels like a powerful, nurturing and protective dress every time. I like to call this practice "aromatic dressing."

We use very high vibrating pure essential oils for the special fragrance mixtures, which you can also order directly here. Organic fractionated coconut oil is used as the carrier oil. The Rollon are made of glass with pure glass or metal balls or real gemstones. You can find out more about the pure essential oils and their uses in your everyday life here under Being healthy can be easy.

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