Rishi preciousness for your face

Rose water, coconut oil and the purest essences in an apothecary glass with a pump

The beautiful red awakens sensuality and encourages you to find the reflections of the sun and its light in them. Over 12 pure essential oils such as frankincense & myrrh - divine father and divine mother - as well as tea tree, lavender, copaiba and roman camomile, and a few more create a fine, deep and long-lasting internal frequency increase for you.

Pamper your face with it after the shave or just during the day. Or rub it all over your beloved body after showering. If you apply it before you shower, it can even widen and intensify the effect.

The oil is very nourishing and rich. Less is more. The inner effect is even more powerful than the scent - let yourself be surprised! 


Shake well before each use - rose water and coconut oil will “split” when standing for a long time.

If Amo does not give you any additional application as instructions, use this here. You can also trust your intuition and find your own forms. Feel free to share your experiences with us - together we grow very easily!

Use your body intelligence

Put a drop of fine essential oil on your belly button - your body intelligence directs the information into exactly the right areas, where it is now helpful for you.

Aromatic dressing

Put fine body oil - e.g. fractionated coconut oil, almond oil - in the palm of your hand and drizzle in a few drops of essential oil. Rub both hands together and stroke your dear body with your two aromatic oil hands. Enjoy what you are doing, your feeling and the effect that unfolds afterwards. For me it feels like a powerful, nourishing and protective dress every time. I like to call this practice "aromatic dressing."

That's inside

We use very high-vibrating pure essential oils for the special fragrance mixtures, which you can also order directly here. Organic fractionated coconut oil is used as the carrier oil. The Rollon are made of glass with pure glass or metal balls or real gemstones. Here you will receive a 100ml beautiful red apothecary jar with pump and leak protection. You can find out more about the pure essential oils and their uses in your everyday life here under Being healthy can be easy.

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Scent medicine for you

Zoom Live Session & Rollon & Magicwords

You don't just want to buy oils but want to be seen and receive your unique blend? Your individual scent "medicine" that is created especially for you and your situation? That's possible - get in touch with Amo!

Blessed Sleep


I shine in the Quietude of my own presence. An Invitation for feeling deeply relaxed, letting go and rejuvenate :-)

You are a gift of the divine


You are a gift from God - be as divine as you are. You are a unique treasure!

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Scent medicine for you

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Let yourself be surprised what Amo is mixing especially for you :-)


Adonis with clear heart


I am who I am - divine! My gift to you is steadfastness. I proclaim: let us touch heaven and know our own creativity. Let's find our own answers ...

Your happy breasts


Do a lap around your breast buds and a lap around - for men and women: show your breasts that you are their bosom friend.

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